Depicting Women Effectively In Communication

On December 20, 2011, WLN India hosted a workshop in Mumbai on "Depicting Women Effectively in Communication" which was well attended by staff across the IPG companies in India (McCann, DraftFCB and Lowe Lintas).  High-profile speakers at the event included Santosh Desai, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Futurebrand India Ltd; Dr. A.L. Sharada, Director, Population First; and KV Shridhar, a respected creative professional.

Half of India is young and impressionable. And as image-makers, we pretty much define how these young people will think when they grow up.  Long after our ad has run on TV and been uploaded to an online archive, it is accessible at the click of a mouse. Forever. That 30-second commercial is actually timeless. It lives on for eternity. So if we always depict a girl child as tender and a boy child as tough, we’re perpetuating a stereotype that may have outlived its era. If we depict women as either saints or sirens instead of a realistic mix of both, we’re creating avatars that simply don’t exist! All it takes is a little awareness running as a background track in our minds.

LinOpinion India’s Kavita Lakhani receives Leading Woman in Media award

Adobo Magazine
Published: October 2011

ASIA-PACIFIC – OCTOBER 2011: Kavita Lakhani, president of LinOpinion India and co-chair for India of the IPG Women’s Leadership Network, was presented with the award for ‘Leading Woman in Media’ at the 2nd Annual Women in Leadership Forum India in Mumbai on October 13 to 14 2011. The WIL forum is a dynamic platform for the growth of business women from all backgrounds, industry sectors and locations around the world.  More.

The WLN invites you to an Evening of Speed Networking – Connect. Cultivate. Succeed.

On June 28, 2011 the WLN Boston Chapter held a speed networking event for individuals to learn about a new industry, and make connections that could impact and develop their career. Networking is often ignored, but is one of the most vital professional skills allowing development of genuine relationships and strong interpersonal connections that cultivate opportunities for professional growth.Read more

Great WLN National Event!

The Minneapolis WLN Chapter was privileged to host the WLN National Event on October 25th and proud of our strong local turnout. If you missed it, you’ll find some of the conversation via searching #IPGwln on or view the webcast replay.

Thanks to all who made this event a success.

Jeffery Tobias Halter


Kavita Lakhani, Co-Chair, Mumbai, WLN India ranked No. 1 by premier Indian B-School

Kavita Lakhani

Kavita Lakhani, President, LinOpinion Public Relations, Lowe Lintas India and  Co-Chair, Mumbai, WLN India ranked No. 1 by premier Indian B-School in Advanced Program in Strategic Management

In 2010, the Lowe Lintas Employees Welfare Trusts invited applications for its Study Scholarship Scheme.  The Scheme part sponsors the cost of post-graduation, professional and/or other technical courses which a beneficiary wishes to pursue.Read more

WLN Hosts Annie Griffiths

Annie Griffiths (center) with the Washington, D.C. chapter of WLN
Annie Griffiths (center) with the Washington, D.C. chapter of WLN

Annie Griffiths, one of the first women photographers to work for National Geographic, spoke to the Washington, D.C. chapter of WLN on April 7, 2011 at the National Geography Society building. Griffiths has photographed in more than a hundred countries during her illustrious career.Read more

Sudha Natrajan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Lintas Media Group, among the 27 First Ladies by Savvy

Published: August 4, 2011


By dint of hard work, foresight, generosity of spirit and an enviable derring-do, these women have made the No. 1 spot their own. Some new names, some names that we can never ignore, each of ‘SAVVY’s’ 27 chosen women are powerful change-makers whose influence continues to dominate India and beyond.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Lintas Media Group

When she moved from marketing to client servicing and account planning with Lintas, Sudha Natrajan didn’t just move cities but into a whole new realm of responsibilities of managing, growing the group and innovating  to stay ahead of the curve. Since then the good times have flowed unabated, with many credits too, notable being the Gold ABBY for Britannia 50-50 a few years ago, when Sudha was heavily pregnant. Now a mother of a son, Sudha has championed the cause of young working mothers, offering them flexi timing, and even offering a spare cabin on those days when help at home is not available. Says Sudha: “I refuse to lose good talent because of the demands of motherhood.’’ From planning to become a doctor to now being one of the foremost women in the challenging realm of client servicing and account planning, Sudha says she has no regrets. She would have made a compassionate doctor, but today she feels she is more attuned to the demands of an agency. For this feisty woman who is proficient, positive in her approach and has a keen eye on growing the profits of her company, the inspiration for success comes from within. Not because there is a paucity of heroes around her, but that’s just the way it is. A woman who knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it.
— Interviewed by Sumita Chakraborty

WLN LA Summer Soirée!

The Los Angeles chapter of IPG Women’s Leadership Network invites you to Kick off the season with a summer soirée!

Please click here to RSVP!


Meet Ellyn Spragins, NY Times Bestselling Author, To Learn How To Achieve Your Professional Goals

Boston Group
Boston Group

The advertising industry has unlimited career opportunities, and understanding how to navigate those opportunities to your own personal success can sometimes be challenging. Ellyn Spragins, a former New Your Times columnist turned bestselling author, provided insight into how other women have launched and grown their careers to help create a path for others in an event the Boston Chapter held back in January. Ellyn’s new book, What I Know Now About Success, was the topic to help guide in professional and personal development.

2011: A Social Media Explosion! How Savvy Are You?

On April 13th, the Los Angeles chapter of IPG’s Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) hosted our first event of the year, “Social Media Explosion! How Savvy Are You?” We had some of the leading gurus in our business share their perspectives, insights, and thoughts about the impact of social media on consumer marketing. The event took place at the IPG Media Lab—a perfect location for a discussion on emerging technology.Read more