Q&A with Melanie Skoglund

melanie_skoglundMelanie Skoglund, VP and Group Planning Director at Compass Point Media, has hopped between Michigan, Minnesota, and Miami (Florida) over the years, earning great results for clients everywhere while raising a hockey-playing family. Here's a few questions we asked Melanie:
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The Clothes Make the Professional: WLN and Dress for Success

dress-for-success-2On Tuesday, March 15 the Minneapolis chapter of IPG’S Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) hosted a “Dress Yourself & Others for Success” event. The primary goal of the event was to raise awareness and collect clothing donations for “Dress for Success”. “Dress for Success” is an organization that provides professional attire for women that can be used during the job interview process and in the workplace. The organization also promotes economic independence and career development skills to help women achieve success in both their professional and personal lives.

The event began with a speech and short video from the Executive Director of “Dress for Success”, Jeri Quest. After discussing the importance of her organization in our community, the members of WLN presented “Dress for Success” with a donation of $500 and the professional attire we had collected through our clothing drive. Overall, the clothing drive was very successful and provided the organization with a variety of much needed items including suits and briefcases.

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Q&A with Debora Lance

lance_deboraDebora Lance grew up in Northeast Minneapolis before it was the “cool neighborhood”. She drank Greenies at Jaros’s and Grain Belt beer, ate sausage from Kramarczuk’s, and danced in the Blue Room at Mayslacks.

As the second oldest of six children, she learned many important skills that helped her succeed in the business world: leadership, negotiation, teamwork, financial discipline and project management. She's now an extraordinary Account Director at Wahlstrom.  Here's a few things you might not know about Debora:

Do you have a favorite quote?
These quotes are on my office wall:
1. “Change brings new people, new opportunities and new perspectives.” Ariane de Bonvoison
2. “ Energy & Persistence Conquer All Things” Ben Franklin
3. “Have faith. What is meant to be will always find a way.” Kobi Yamada
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Q&A with Brooke Worden

worden_bIn her own (Twitter-ready) words, Brooke Worden is the 2011 Minnesota PRSA President, loyal Weber Shandwickian for the past 11 years, retirement-obsessed, former journalist and mgmt consultant.  And that's just her talents at work - she's also a mom, jewelry collector, clarinet player, and more - read on to get a glimpse into the things that keep Brooke creating great PR campaigns and motivating colleagues every day.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“I have more fun today than yesterday. And you can too.”
--Diana Ross
I like it because it acknowledges the power of the present. I was reading recently that Oprah doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore because they disregard the power of the here and now, and this quote reinforces that for me. Plus, I just love Diana Ross and her music. She’s a force.
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Basket Raffle is a Huge Success!

Imagine having four children at home and expecting quads a couple weeks before Christmas…Read more

American Diabetes Association Step Out Walk - Together We Can Stop Diabetes


On Saturday, October 23, the Boston Chapter of the WLN participated in the 2010 American Diabetes Association Step Out Walk.  It was a beautiful day, high energy with thousands of people, adults, kids and even pets, all joined to help stop diabetes.

We built a team and created ways to raise money and to participate.  We got local vendors, media partners and clients to donate items for a raffle and held two raffles leading up to the walk.  FYI, raffles are a money maker and give folks a way to participate if they can’t walk.  We also held a T-shirt design contest among the agencies and the winning design would represent our team.  It is amazing what a strong, smart group of women can accomplish given the opportunity. We exceeded our goal and the ADA exceeded theirs.  All and all it was a lot of fun!  A great way to end a Saturday!

Q&A with Kelly Thompson

kelly_wlnWe recently talked with Kelly Thompson, Director of Brand Planning at Carmichael Lynch, about her work, quirks, and life.  Kelly is one of the many extraordinarily talented women of IPG – read on to see where she draws her inspiration, how she relaxes, and what her joys and frustrations in the workplace are.

Do you have a favorite quote?

"Get ‘er dun" – in our industry, and in our culture, we can often get trapped in the spin cycle of opinion-making rather than action-taking. I love this quote for its down-to-earth call to action!

Any hobbies? Don't be shy – we accept all types.

  • Hanging out with books - reading –anything and everything in old school book form (just can't get on the electronic book bandwagon).
  • Hanging out with plants - from gardening to hiking in the woods.
  • Hanging out with animals - whether with my dog and cat, the deer up at my cabin, or taking action to help organizations like the Humane Society, Animal Legal Defense Fund or MN Voters for Animal Protection.

What's the one thing you couldn't live without?

My family – they ground me, feed my soul and remind me what is important in life.

Whom do you most admire?

My mother - she has been a constant source of inspiration in pushing me to stretch myself - from instilling in me a love of learning from a very young age to cheering me on as I take on new challenges as an adult.Read more

Tips from "Women in the Business World"

Ilene H. Lang, President and CEO of Catalyst, talked to the IPG Women's Leadership Network yesterday. She had some great tips for succeeding despite the extra challenges of lower pay and fewer promotions beyond middle management.


What can women do?

Combat Stereotypes

  • Don’t assume you know what someone can or can’t contribute and examine the language that is used, focus on not being gender specific.

Expand Networks

  • Develop skills
  • Find mentors, the level of mentors has proven to be more important than the gender of mentors.
  • Invite men in; mentor a man or ask a man to be your mentor.

Establish sponsors and sponsees

  • Find someone to advocate for you and vice versa
  • Sponsor people that do not necessarily have the same characteristics/ talents as you.

Establish goals and accountability

  • Walk the talk
  • Navigate unwritten rules

Lynn de Souza among Business Today's 30 most powerful women in Indian business

Celebrating the achievement of women leaders in 2010

Lynn De Souza was honored at the Business Today Most Powerful Women in Indian Business Awards. An event that recognizes and appreciates those women who made exceptional contributions to the Indian business landscape.Lynn de Souza among Business Today’s 30 most powerful women in Indian business

Lynn de Souza is ranked as the second most influential media personality in India three years in running by the Economic Times Brand Equity. An alumnus of the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute, she began her career in 1982 and today stands tall as the chairman and CEO of Lintas Media Group (LMG), the country’s third largest media company. She also featured among the top ten advertising professionals this year.  More

Dr Kiran Bedi and Leena Nair launch IPG’s Women’s Leadership Network in India

IPG officially launched Equal and Opposite, the WLN chapter in India, at the hands of Dr Kiran Bedi, retired supercop, one of the most successful women in India and a household name known for her social activism,  Leena Nair, Executive Director HRD of Hindustan Unilever Ltd and the first women on the board of HUL, and Lynn de Souza, Chairman and CEO of Lintas Media Group and Chairman of WLN – India. Some of the press coverage and pictures from Impact are attached, video links of coverage on CNBC, Zee Business and TV 9 will be uploaded on the website in a couple of days.


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