The WLN exists on a local level in various cities and companies within the IPG network and helps provide broader programming at a national level. The Board of Directors, Advisory Group and Executive Sponsors help guide WLN activities.


The Women’s Leadership Network aims to be the force for gender equality and opportunity for women within IPG.

Our Mission

Our mission is to champion IPG women by working to understand the gender equality challenges they may be facing – and leverage those learnings to tirelessly advocate for every colleague to contribute to creating a more inclusive workplace where IPG women can thrive.

WLN Leadership

National Chair:  Lisa Murray, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Octagon

Executive Sponsors

Andrew Bonzani, EVP, General Counsel and Secretary, IP
Ellen Johnson, EVP, Chief Financial Officer, IPG

History of the WLN

In 2006, a handful of IPG women set out to connect with colleagues and create a supportive and active network to increase opportunities for women at all levels across Interpublic. That idea became the WLN and has grown into a global network of thousands with a national organization and local chapters from Chicago to Shanghai. The WLN is dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements, promoting networking and career opportunities as well as mentoring programs for IPG women. All IPG employees are welcome.