By Noreen O’Leary


Who Kerry Keenan

New gig Chief creative officer, Deutsch, New York

Old gig Global executive creative director, YR Entertainment

Twitter @kerry_keenan

Age 45

After studying religion in college, how did you end up in advertising?

I spent one-and-a-half years in India while in college and religion found me. I studied Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity from a different perspective from my Catholic background. I was a big reader—I was an English major as well—so religion was the political side to all the books I loved. What it has to do with advertising is that maybe it was the opiate to the masses. When you study something like that, you have different perspectives and it gives you the chance to look at something from more than one place. As a creative you have to be able to do that.  Read the full article here.