Connect, Learn & Thrive Professional Women's Event

On Wednesday, March 7th, I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop entitled, “Connect, Learn & Thrive,” hosted by the Women’s Leadership Center at the American Management Association. This one-day event brought together women from all over the country for professional development and networking. From the icebreaker activity at the beginning of the day that had all participants meet five people that they didn’t know previously, to the morning session that asked each table to come up with challenges that they face in the workplace, every single part of the day felt intentional and left attendees with various takeaways to help them long after the workshop ended.Read more

TEDWomen Conference: Humbled. Inspired. Prepared.

The vibrant flare of the Bayou City (New Orleans). The power of 3,500 women gathered to explore, engage and create. The effervescent and contagious energy of speakers from around the globe.

These statements encapsulate my time at TEDWomen, a three-day conference under the TEDTalk platform created specifically for women and girls to convene and offer inspiration and solutions through their personal stories and experiences.

I was HUMBLED to interact with women (and a few men) from as near as New York City to as far as Sydney, Australia. To be in the presence of people who are creators and change-makers contributing significantly to their communities and companies was priceless and rewarding. In hearing from a three-year TEDWomen conference alumna, an architect from Pasadena, California, I was reminded to be present, unplug, focus, engage and create “we-ness” during every breakout session and TEDTalk. She encouraged us to exercise these actions beyond the conference and turn our humility from the experience into a means of purpose in our careers to strengthen connections and form new relationships.

What I learned from a polio survivor and women’s healthcare advocate from India was to develop bold and jaw-dropping self-proclamations. I was INSPIRED by this woman’s courage, compassion and commitment. As an infant, she contracted polio, resulting in the paralysis of her legs. She underwent a series of surgeries and was undeterred by her disability. Instead she used her health challenges as an opportunity to set goals that might seem unrealistic to others. In fact, with only the use of her arms for 140.6 miles, she is the only female hand cyclist to complete four Ironman triathlons. INCREDIBLE! Her story prompted me to take risks without fear and be daring when making declarations.

Being PREPARED at all times is imperative and essential. An African journalist received the opportunity of a lifetime because she was “ready.” Five years ago she crafted a vision statement that focused on exploring the globe to report aspirational stories of people from her native land of Ghana and how they’re making contributions in different parts of the world. She shared her vision with three trusted individuals. One of them connected her with someone searching for a student to complete a writing apprenticeship with the opportunity to temporarily reside in three countries (the U.S., France and England) over the course of six months. The only catch: the apprenticeship program required her to immediately apply for a Visa and be able to travel within one week of approval from the embassy. The lesson in this ― communicate your vision to the right people, and keep your bags packed because your dream opportunity may be closer than you think.

A Look at the 3% Conference - Beyond Gender

Earlier this month, I was given the opportunity to attend the 3% Conference. In its sixth year, this year’s conference was centered around a single theme--Beyond Gender. While the name and history of the event speak to the rise of women in our industry, this year’s theme was broader in how it defined minority.Read more

"I AM YOU" - Key Steps to Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Kathleen Hall

On October 4th, Kathleen Hall, Corporate Vice President of Brand, Advertising and Research at Microsoft, kicked off IPG’s WLN "Wonder Women" series on October 4th, live in Los Angeles, and via live stream across the U.S.

Kathleen addressed some of the misconceptions that women have about their own potential and ability to move up in leadership roles. Kathleen's inspirational talk brought to life the idea that if you can see it, you can be it.

What I Learned at ColorComm 2018

Early on in my career, I looked around and noticed that I was often the only one in the room – the only person of color, the only person to represent a different and diverse point of view, and in many cases, the only woman. Year after year, I committed to surrounding myself with the best minds in the business that I could learn and grow from. I found wonderful sponsors and mentors who helped me grow, brought my credentials into rooms where I didn’t have a seat, and pushed for my raises and promotions. But yet, as a junior account person, I found it nearly impossible to find sponsors and mentors who looked like me, and who were at the senior level that I was striving to reach.
Read more

WLN Singapore Partnered With SheSays and See It Be It For An Evening of Cannes Insights

The WLN Singapore chapter hosted a summer event on July 19th titled, 'Women Cannes' Lah!,' a play on words building on a popular Singaporean expression "Can-lah" which means "yes, absolutely." The event was in partnership with SheSays Singapore, a wider industry group for women in the creative industries, and 'See It Be It', the Cannes Lions program launched as a response to the gender imbalance in our industry.Read more

IPG Hosts Global Women of Color Summit at Cannes Festival of Creativity

IPG hosted a summit at the Cannes Festival of Creativity that focused on the communication industry's gender diversity efforts and their impact on global women of color. "THROUGH NEW EYES: The IPG Women's Breakfast" is available for viewing via Facebook Live on IPG's Facebook page,

At the summit, new proprietary research co-commissioned by Refinery29, National Geographic and IPG provided fresh insights into women of color - women from diverse non-white racial, ethnic, national and cultural backgrounds - who have been underrepresented in gender conversations thus far.

"THROUGH NEW EYES" also featured a talk from comedian and disability advocate Maysoon Zayid; a panel discussion with top global marketers moderated by the BBC's Zeinab Badawi; and a one-on-one conversation with Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue Elaine Welteroth and Halle Berry, the Academy Award-Winning Actress, Producer and Founder of HALLEWOOD.

Michael Roth, Chairman and CEO of IPG and host of the breakfast, stated: "We launched our popular annual Cannes event in 2011 to raise awareness of the need for more gender diversity in the industry and to challenge the industry to make progress. Since then, gender equality has become a common topic at Cannes and at industry programs around the world. But when you look around these rooms - even at IPG's own events - you see that women of color are underrepresented in the conversations. It's a business imperative to change the status quo, and that's the process we want to begin with this summit."

"Our research shows that the range of unique aspects of identity that women use to define themselves now requires marketers and the content they create to begin addressing personal identifiers rather than traditional demographics," commented Brooke Hinton, Insights Manager at Refinery29, who will co-present the research findings at the summit.

Heide Gardner, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for IPG, stated: "Global women of color make up the largest untapped labor force for our industry and the largest consumer marketplace for our clients. This year's breakfast serves as a platform to build awareness and a call to action to adapt gender equality approaches to include women of more diverse backgrounds for our workforce, and to be more thoughtful in our marketing when it comes to the concerns and interests of these women."

"THROUGH NEW EYES" is intended to shed light on the truth that women have many group identities outside of gender - nationality, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, motherhood, work, skin tone and other dimensions of diversity. This summit will explore how intersections of identities can affect women's perceptions and experiences with media, brands, careers and fans.

Carmichael Lynch Names Julie Batliner Agency President

Carmichael Lynch named Julie Batliner President of the agency. Julie will continue in her current role as Managing Partner and President of CL’s PR firm, Carmichael Lynch Relate, and will report to recently appointed Carmichael Lynch CEO, Marcus
Fischer, who previously held the role of president.Read more

R/GA Launches Chatbot to Help Close the Gender Pay Gap

Clockwise, top L to R: Kate Carter – Senior Copywriter; Alaina Andreozzi – Account Supervisor; Kira Doyle – Executive Producer; Bruno Luglio – Senior Art Director; Cindy Gallop; Brad Jacobson – Senior Experience Strategist Not pictured: Zack Roif – Senior Art Director Ivan Guerra – Senior Copywriter

Women, on average, are paid 79 cents to every dollar that their male co-workers make. And every Equal Pay Day — which symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year — we ask ourselves: how do you close the gender pay gap?

The answer might lie in an insightful study by the Cass Business School in London, the University of Warwick in the U.K., and the University of Wisconsin, which revealed that men were 25% more likely to receive a raise after asking.

Based on this insight, a collective of creatives from R/GA, The Muse, Ladies Get Paid, and PayScale teamed up to launch an innovative tool to help women close the gender pay gap by honing in on their bargaining skills with one of the world’s fiercest female leaders and equal pay advocates: Cindy Gallop.Read more

IPG Summit on Black Women in Advertising Draws Record Crowds, Trends Number 2 on Twitter

With thousands watching via Facebook Live, Twitter trending off the charts, and hundreds gathered live in New York City, THEIR TRUTH: The Summit on Black Women in Advertising, Marketing and Media was an historic event. The program, held on March 27th at The Paley Center and co-hosted by IPG and The ADVERTISING Club of New York, was the first-ever industry summit focused specifically on Black women in advertising.

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