“It is only the fool who knows everything. It is the wise man who knows he knows nothing.” – unknown
“It is only the fool who knows everything. It is the wise man who knows he knows nothing.” – unknown

Michele graduated cum laude from Skidmore College with a B.A. in English Literature. After a few years as a cub reporter on Cape Cod and the East Bay area of Rhode Island, she moved to New York City and started a career in advertising at BBDO. Fast-forward eight amazing years learning from some legends in the industry, Michele returned to her home state of Massachusetts and joined Hill Holliday as Creative Manager in August 2013.

Q:  What was your role on the NYWICI Matrix Journal project?

A: On this particular project, I was part-time account person, part-time creative resource manager, and full-time fan. I spend my time at work as a cat herder, creative cheerleader, and den mother.

Q:  Favorite part of the project?

A: Attending the Matrix Awards was a truly inspirational day. My favorite moment was when we held the printed copy of the journal for the first time, and Duda and Tess opened it only to find a surprise ad from Hill Holliday congratulating them on a job well done, which included an art deco portrait of each of them. They had no idea!

Q:  Tell me a bit about your career journey that led you to your current role @ Hill Holliday.

A: My start in advertising was a fortunate accident. I moved to New York with enough in the bank for first, last, and security on an apartment, and maybe two weeks of pocket money. I landed my first advertising job as a temp receptionist after chatting with my neighbor. It was the best job interview I’ve ever had while wearing my pajamas. After eight wonderful years and four promotions at that agency, my husband and I returned to our home state of Massachusetts, where I’ve found a new home at Hill Holliday. I wore something more appropriate to that interview.

Q:  Tell me a fun fact about yourself.

A: I love horses. I grew up riding and would spend every day on a horse if I could.