The most recent WLN National event, Work-Life Balance: Reality or Myth?, was webcast in Los Angeles at Initiative. The topic of flexible work schedules brought together both women and men in LA from many IPG agencies. Employee retention was a hot topic at Cannes this year and this event was timely and provided a deeper look into a growing trend.

When most people hear flex-time, they think of new moms. The most surprising result, indicated by everyone’s gasps in the room, was the fact that more men use flex-time, than women.

It was interesting to learn about the many types of flex-time, and how widely it’s being used across IPG. With all of us so easily connected through modern technology, it’s easier to work remotely. Michael Scannell, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, State Street Corporation, runs the flex-time department at their company where there are clear flex-time policies in place. He said it’s a “great recruitment tool.”

Thanks again to WLN National and the insightful panelists. The WLN LA chapter is looking forward to more webcasts in the future such as these.