We recently spoke with WLN Executive Co-Sponsors, Marge Hoey, VP, Associate General Counsel & Assistant Secretary & Philippe Krakowsky, EVP, Strategy & Corporate Relations.

Here’s what they had to say:

What do you think are the key roles for the WLN at Interpublic?

MH: The WLN is a unique organization within the Interpublic Group.  It responds to a demonstrated need for women in our company to have a forum, a voice, a platform to raise the issues that are critical to our career development and personal needs.  In addition, the WLN provides formal and informal ways for women to network, build relationships and foster a successful environment for women at Interpublic.

PK: By supporting the needs of—and creating opportunities for—the greatest number of people within IPG, we make the entire organization more successful.  So a group like the WLN has a major role to play in opening doors for individuals and helping our company achieve its long-term business goals.

Why did you become involved with the WLN?  Why is the WLN important to you? To Interpublic?

MH: The WLN needs everyone’s support.  I am thrilled to be part of it, and have been amazed at how far we have already come as an organization.  I have met wonderful women who are terrific role models.  These women provide experience, insight and support to younger women and each other.

PK: Because I believe in what the WLN and our other employee resource groups have set out to accomplish and I’d like to be personally involved in helping these programs move forward.

What do you see as the WLN’s greatest accomplishment thus far?

MH: Bringing junior and senior women together across all agencies and disciplines.

PK: Connecting thousands of colleagues and providing a sense of community through mentoring and engaging national and local events.

What else would you like to see the WLN accomplish?

MH: To really have an impact on the promotion of women to senior ranks in our company such that there is true diversity at top levels.

PK: I agree with Marge.  Moving the needle when it comes to opportunity for women to advance their careers, as well as involving our clients and driving business growth.

Are there specific experiences you’ve had as part of your career that make the WLN particularly important to you?

MH: It is important to have a reference point when managing through the ups and downs of business.  The experience of other people and their advice and support makes all the difference.

PK: I’ve been an outlier, and at times an outsider, in terms of my background, culture and experience.  This has given me an appreciation of the challenges that all organizations have to overcome in order to be more inclusive of all of their employees—which is key if we’re going to benefit from what we all bring to the table.

How did you create opportunities for your success?

MH: Relationships are absolutely key.  I don’t think any of us can be successful without understanding the needs of our clients, co-workers, supervisors and all the people we interact with on a daily basis.  By understanding what motivates people and what their needs are you can work with them to create a successful outcome for all concerned.

PK: Again, I’d like to echo much of what Marge says.  Building personal networks is very important, especially in a business in which people and ideas are our product and what we are helping clients do every day is to forge relationships with consumers.  Beyond that, I’d suggest that people who focus on getting things done and solving problems, instead of internal agency dynamics, really prove their value and therefore come out ahead in the end.  Last, I’d say that it helps to take your job really seriously—but not yourself.