WLN Sydney Hosts Work-Life Balance event

May 15, 2019

On May 15th, the IPG Women’s Leadership Network in Sydney collaborated with Spotify to host an event focused on work-life balance featuring women from different industries discussing how they balance their work and personal life while excelling in their careers and personal goals. More than 80 guests from across 21 IPG agencies attended the event, which took place at Spotify’s impressive office overlooking Sydney’s Darling Harbour. Read more

Creating the life you love, or how to really have it all

December 9, 2014

She’s the woman who has it all – the fabulous job, husband, children, house, car, and several holidays a year.

This is the vision that is routinely presented to us in our professional lives (and through the media) as the pinnacle of achievement. But does she really have it all?

Appearances can often be deceptive, and by striving to achieve this perfect vision of ‘having it all’, we can end up having not much of anything.Read more