St. Louis

WLN St. Louis Hosts Inaugural Event

May 16, 2019

We hosted our first St. Louis Women’s Leadership Network event with Weber Shandwick, New Honor Society and Momentum Worldwide. Wealth Management Advisor Natalea Simmons led our group in a discussion on financial literacy and finding your financial voice.Read more

Comfort + Tension: Heidi Singleton, President & CCO, New Honor Society

May 13, 2019

I’m most proud of defying norms by becoming a female/creative/agency President/servicing multiple global clients/ while raising two awesome kids.Read more


Parenting and PR-ing, can you do both?

April 19, 2019

It’s a bit expected that I’d write this piece, seeing as it’s been just three months since I’ve returned to the trenches from maternity leave, but here we go…

So, parenting and PR-ing, can you do both? The answer is yes, but the follow-up questions are as follows: Do you want to? If so, can you do both and not lose yourself, your relationships, your sanity, your sleep, and your passion for the job?Read more

by Callie Rapp, Senior Manager, Client Experience, Weber Shandwick

Stop Over-Apologizing and Other Tips to Become a Stronger Leader

February 7, 2019

Earlier this year we launched the St. Louis chapter of the IPG Women’s Leadership Network (WLN), which brings together the three St. Louis-based IPG agencies — Weber Shandwick St. Louis, New Honor Society, and Momentum St. Louis — to promote and redefine female leadership in our agencies and in our region.Read more

by Morgan Galbraith, Senior Manager, Client Experience, Weber Shandwick, and Lindsey Herzog, Account Director, Client Experience, Weber Shandwick