Deutsch's Val DiFebo Is Part of Social Profile Spotlight

Continuing its Social Profile Spotlight Project, the WLN NY recently interviewed Val DiFebo, CEO, Deutsch NY.valdifebo1

What characteristics in general make for strong leadership, and are those characteristics harder for women to own?

These things have helped me tremendously:

  • Having the confidence to hire smart, talented people.
  • Empowering and inspiring them to perform, and rewarding them when they do perform.
  • Being decisive and having the courage to course correct.
  • Having the self confidence to be yourself and do the right thing.

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McCann's Natalie Lam to Present at the Advertising Club

Natalie Lam, Executive Creative Director, McCann, will serve on The Ad Club's panel, "My First Time, The Women's Addition."  Based on Phil Growick's "My First Time" book series, the panel will feature some of the industry's top female creatives as they talk about their first commercial, ad, site or design project and what they learned from the experience.

For more information and to register, click here.

Do Women Have What It Takes to Lead?

The New York Times
Published:  March 21, 2012

In her book “Lean In,” the Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg tells women they need to jettison many traditionally female habits to get ahead — to act, in certain ways, more like men.  Read more.

WLN NY Hosts Speed Mentoring Event

WLN NY hosted a speed mentoring event on April 4th, with 100 attendees from various IPG agencies attending.Read more

WLN NY Continues Social Profile Spotlight with Lauren Snyder

lauren-snyder-headshotThe WLN NY recently talked with Lauren Snyder, Chief Communications Officer of IPG Mediabrands, as part of its Social Profile Spotlight Project.Read more

It’s About the Work, Not the Office

The New York Times
Published: March 7, 2013

The recent decision by Marissa Mayer, the chief executive of Yahoo, to eliminate telecommuting for all workers brings her company back in line with most of corporate America, where working from home is more illusion than reality.  Read more.

WLN Continues Social Profile Spotlight Project

img_kitty_lunContinuing its celebration of Women's History Month, the WLN NY has added Kitty Lun, Chairman and CEO of Lowe China, to its roster of senior women being interviewed about leadership, their experiences and their inspirations.

Kitty Lun, Chairman/CEO, Lowe China

What hurdles have you gotten past/overcome to get to where you are today?

There are a lot of difficulties and challenges every day. I have to overcome them and move on.  However, I never consider these challenges hurdles. Hurdle is a state of mind. They are always there and we have to solve one problem at a time.

What are some qualities/traits in yourself that have helped you advance? What are some traits you see in men that help them advance that we can learn from?

I only look forward, not backward.  I do not cry over spilt milk, nor bathe in past glories.  You are as good as your next campaign.  So I always focus on the next task, the next month, the next year.  I guess this is not very romantic or feminine.  Being rational and having a clear mind, not allowing any emotional feelings to cloud our judgment is probably what we can learn from our male counterparts.Read more

Deutsch's Marcia Lorente is part of WLN NY Social Profile Spotlight

marcia-lorente-headshot-21Marcia Lorente, Deutsch's SVP and Global Planning Director for Unilever, recently spoke with the WLN NY as part of the chapter's Social Profile Spotlight project.

What hurdles have you overcome to get to where you are today?

My greatest hurdle was my own lack of confidence when facing lack of support within my organization. I signed up for advertising not Sunday choir. My advice to my younger self would be stop looking for external support, that will come when you least expect it, and you don't need it to make your mark.

What are some qualities/traits in yourself that have helped you advance? What are some traits you see in men that help them advance that we can learn from?

I was always told I was too nice. It took me a while to recognize that is a good thing if you can take the blinders off and realize not everybody is or appreciates it. And accept that that’s okay. I think men care less about other people’s feelings. That’s good and bad. The ideal is to be empathetic without letting it get personal. And that takes work, it’s not gender-specific.

What characteristics in general make for strong leadership and are those harder for women to own?

Controlling emotion. It makes me sad when I see a woman behaving unprofessionally and then trying to justify it or cover it up. No one's free from losing it. But when it happens to a woman it is the kiss of death because it feeds the cliché that we're the weaker sex. A man will crack a joke about bad behavior and own it. I think women should learn from that.

What was the scariest/most intimidating moment of your career? How did you prepare for it?

I was caught in a gang crossfire in downtown San Juan, Puerto Rico with some clients. Nothing prepares you for that. I've just learned to be extra careful in my travels and do what locals tell me to do. If it's sticking my face to the bottom of an SUV, so be it.

What would you tell your daughter if she were embarking on a career in Advertising?

You are crazy! I'm kidding. I'd be so proud. I'd advise her to never lose her sense of humor or her sense of self. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

WLN London to Host "How to Be a Charismatic Woman in a Man's World"

On March, 18th, WLN London will host "How to Be a Charismatic Woman in a Man's World."  Presented by Deborah Frances-White, the talk will explore how women can harness their neurological advantages and learn to raise their status through learning new behaviors to become21st century business leaders.

The event will take place at The Guardian from 2:30 PM - 5 PM.  For more information, contact Lizzie Jarvis,


WLN NY Initiates Social Profile Spotlight Project

To mark Women’s History Month, the WLN NY has initiated its Social Profiles Spotlight Project. Read more