WLN India Hosts "Who's Stopping You?" Event


On June 26th, WLN hosted an event titled ‘Who's Stopping You?' by Apurva Purohit. During the lively two hours, the CEO of Radio City shared her adventures as a working woman. She was funny, insightful, informative and practical and the attendees could all see parts of themselves in the different situations and people that Apurva described.

The audience of 28 was a mix of women at various stages in their careers and across age groups and life stages - from young girls contemplating matrimony to young mothers and other more seasoned professionals. Apurva spoke about the transition that organizations have made from the tokenism of twenty years back to the genuine and forward-thinking practices that many follow today. She discussed how women now need to take ownership of their careers, make thought-through choices to forge ahead with a positive attitude and balance successful careers with fulfilled personal lives. Apurva' s examples and advice was relevant to the Indian woman of today and resonated with the audience.