On Tuesday, December 16th the WLN Boston Chapter hosted a Networking and Panel Discussion event on work-life balance at Weber Shandwick. The event featured speakers Micho Spring (Weber Shandwick) who served as moderator for the panel, Bianca Garcia (Genuine Interactive), Maris Snell (Genuine Interactive), Cara Fearing (Hill Holliday), Sharon Crichton (Jack Morton) and Emily Mahlman (Mullen). After spending some time networking, about 70 women and attendees from IPG agencies Weber Shandwick, Genuine Interactive, Jack Morton, Mullen and Hill Holliday, joined a panel discussion and Q&A session sharing personal anecdotes and advice.

Panelists discussed how work-life balance has transformed over the years and the influence that mobile accessibility and social media has had. The discussion and Q&A focused on the importance of finding a schedule and life-style that works for each individual with panelists stressing the importance of knowing one’s limits and reminded attendees to make time for themselves.