Campaign US
by Kat Gordon

I just heard an echo in the universe that made me stand very still. Within hours, one of my Facebook posts had been shared 83 times.

It wasn’t a video or a photo, and it didn’t star kittens or Kardashians.

It was a thought that read simply:

“The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.”

These words express better than any what I predict 2015 holds for women in advertising. This is the year women have full permission to look the ad industry in the eye and unblinkingly demand it do better. And fast.

Recognizing manbassadors: High-profile men in the ad world like Michael Roth of IPG and Nils Leonard of Grey are speaking out on behalf of female creative leadership and backing up their words with policies that support diverse talent. Women will deliver link love to these leaders in 2015, broadcasting to female talent where they should want to work… and where to steer clear.  Read full article.