On November 6th, 2013, the WLN NY hosted ‘A Charitable Affair’ led by Sinead Whelan and Solange Collins, Co-Chairs of the Philanthropic Committee, under the guidance of NY Co-Chairs Felicia Geiger and Marie Corcoran.

The committee reached out through an online survey to IPG staff members requesting nominations and information about charities that could be represented at the event. The criteria for selection was based on these three areas:

  • Helping Women Succeed
  • Helping Families and Children
  • Education and the Arts

We were very fortunate to have 11 charities participate in the event (see the full list below).  The event gave the charities the opportunity to provide information on their organization and share how people can get involved.  The event also focused on why joining a board is important to people’s growth.  In addition, the organizations were able to connect with one another and potentially forge partnerships that will allow them to strengthen their commitment to their causes.

The committee would like to thank as always Felicia Geiger, Marie Corcoran, Melissa Ferdinand, Teresa Woodall and Dayan Falcon for their help with the organization of this event.

Charities Represented: