Val DiFebo of Deutsch NY, on Being Direct By ADAM BRYANT

20-corner-articleinlineThis interview with Val DiFebo,  chief executive of Deutsch NY, the advertising agency, was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant.

Q. Were you in leadership roles when you were a kid?  A. Well, I have three sisters, and at the largest expanse we’re seven years apart. I was the oldest, and any time a decision had to be made, they looked to me.

And in high school?

I was elected to the student government, and I did it because I wanted to make things happen. I would listen to what people in my class wanted, and I would go to meetings with administrators and say, “The girls want a bus to go to the soccer match,” or whatever. In my senior year, I was elected school president, and it was based on my reputation of not being afraid to tell them what we needed or what we wanted. It was almost as if I was on a debate team. I’d say: “Here’s why we want to do it, here’s how you would do it, here’s how it would impact everyone. Why can’t we do it?” Sometimes they had to agree.

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