Botox, nose jobs, hair colour and diets.  We are always redesigning our looks.  But do we ever give a second thought to our minds?  WLN India recently hosted a workshop in Mumbai titled ‘Mindstyle Makeover’ which was conducted by Dr. Minnu Bhonsle, one of India’s leading Psychotherapists and Counselors.  The workshop was well attended by staff across the IPG companies in India (McCann, Draftfcb and Lowe Lintas).  The 4-hour session discussed transformational tools that liberate you to become yourself.  The workshop was divided into 2 sections – Psychological restructuring (to change your core philosophies that govern your thoughts, emotions and behavior) and Existential restructuring (to change your views of self, others, and life, that govern self-actualization). 

Participants learned the actual technology of self-empowerment which they practiced in-session as well as carried away in the form of relevant handouts.  We had amazing feedback – ranging from ‘it was a workshop that really made me sit up and think’ to ‘I am taking away insights that will help me personally and professionally’. This workshop was one amongst the many tangible steps that WLN India is taking towards encouraging and enabling women to stay on the career curve all the way up to the most responsible leadership positions. 

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