Interpublic hosted the 2012 Matrix Awards on April 23rd honoring Tyra Banks, Glenn

2012 Matrix Awards hosted by IPG
2012 Matrix Awards hosted by IPG

Close, Zenia Mucha, Maria Cuomo Cole, Peggy Noonan, Laura Desmond, Gayle Butler and Ann Curry.

IPG enlisted the help of Deutsch, led by past Matrix winner CEO Linda Sawyer, to identify a theme for the 2012 Matrix Awards. Deutsch created a design for event program and a two-minute animation, which kicked off the awards at The Waldorf Astoria.  The designs feature illustrations of the honorees in the outdoor advertisements we see every day in New York. These award-winning women are world-changers, and we wanted to showcase them in a way that’s larger than life.

The Matrix Awards are important for so many reasons – not least among them is that the event serves as a key fundraiser for New York Women in Communications Foundation’s annual scholarship program.  IPG agency R/GA created a video featuring this year’s scholarship winners.

As one of the world’s largest advertising and communications companies, IPG has more than 21,000 women who work at our digital, PR, events, advertising and media companies across the globe.  We understand the value of women in communications.

At IPG, we work hard to be a leader at recruiting, retaining and promoting women at all levels of our company.  This commitment has taken many forms, from starting a global Women’s Leadership Network within IPG, to electing women to the IPG Board of Directors, making our company one of only six Fortune 500 businesses with over 40% representation of women on a board.

Teams with broad experiences and inclusive cultures generate higher levels of innovation and creativity.  And we know specifically that companies with the highest representation of women financially outperform companies with the lowest representation.

We congratulate each of these impressive Matrix honorees and the scholarship recipients for their inspiration and leadership.  It is an honor to be in your company.