Sudha Natrajan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Lintas Media Group, among the 27 First Ladies by Savvy

Published: August 4, 2011


By dint of hard work, foresight, generosity of spirit and an enviable derring-do, these women have made the No. 1 spot their own. Some new names, some names that we can never ignore, each of ‘SAVVY’s’ 27 chosen women are powerful change-makers whose influence continues to dominate India and beyond.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Lintas Media Group

When she moved from marketing to client servicing and account planning with Lintas, Sudha Natrajan didn’t just move cities but into a whole new realm of responsibilities of managing, growing the group and innovating  to stay ahead of the curve. Since then the good times have flowed unabated, with many credits too, notable being the Gold ABBY for Britannia 50-50 a few years ago, when Sudha was heavily pregnant. Now a mother of a son, Sudha has championed the cause of young working mothers, offering them flexi timing, and even offering a spare cabin on those days when help at home is not available. Says Sudha: “I refuse to lose good talent because of the demands of motherhood.’’ From planning to become a doctor to now being one of the foremost women in the challenging realm of client servicing and account planning, Sudha says she has no regrets. She would have made a compassionate doctor, but today she feels she is more attuned to the demands of an agency. For this feisty woman who is proficient, positive in her approach and has a keen eye on growing the profits of her company, the inspiration for success comes from within. Not because there is a paucity of heroes around her, but that’s just the way it is. A woman who knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it.
— Interviewed by Sumita Chakraborty