Ilene H. Lang, President and CEO of Catalyst, talked to the IPG Women’s Leadership Network yesterday. She had some great tips for succeeding despite the extra challenges of lower pay and fewer promotions beyond middle management.


What can women do?

Combat Stereotypes

  • Don’t assume you know what someone can or can’t contribute and examine the language that is used, focus on not being gender specific.

Expand Networks

  • Develop skills
  • Find mentors, the level of mentors has proven to be more important than the gender of mentors.
  • Invite men in; mentor a man or ask a man to be your mentor.

Establish sponsors and sponsees

  • Find someone to advocate for you and vice versa
  • Sponsor people that do not necessarily have the same characteristics/ talents as you.

Establish goals and accountability

  • Walk the talk
  • Navigate unwritten rules