The IPG Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) hosted a national event on December 2nd featuring guest speakers, The Geek Girls, Nancy Lyons, CEO of Clockwork Active Media Systems and Meghan Wilker, Managing Director of Clockwork Active Media Systems. The day’s topic is Friend, Fan and Follow: Using The New Face of Networking To Build Your Personal Brand.

This event was held live at at IPG’s Emerging Media Lab in Los Angeles, CA with viewings via webcast will at locations across the country and internationally, including Boston, Chicago, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Norwalk, Omaha, San Francisco, St. Louis, Washington, DC and London.

The Geek Girls discussed how busy women can create a personal social media strategy that really works and real-world examples of how to get value from using these tools and technologies.

PDF: Press Release

Webcast: Replay